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Gate exam reference books for ECE 2017

Gate examination is one of the prestigious examinations of the nation which tests the graduates who have completed their Engineering degree. And this exam is going to be a yardstick for judging the Engineering grad and good score in this examination is going to drive one to a good position. So cracking such an examination is not just everyone’s cup of tea, one need to prepare very well and go through a good amount of stuff.  In order to help you guys prepare well, we here are providing you all the very good reference books which will really drive you to learn good amount of stuff. Addition to that going through all the previous Gate question papers and practising questions from  very good publication books(standard) can really drive you to achieve your target of Cracking Gate 2017 Exam.


Below are the reference books for Gate ECE 2017 and also other reference and practising materials.

Gate Exam reference books for ECE 2017

Useful Links :

  • Fundamentals of electric circuits 5th Edition PDF+Solutions by Alexander Sadiku

Recommended Gate ECE books to aid your preparation:

We recommend only the useful books which are going to aid value to your  Gate preparation.

All the Best for your GATE 2017!

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